Monday, February 16, 2015

#7 of 52...Phillip Schaal

I'm switching sides now and introducing you to my husband's 3rd great grandfather and his immigrant Schaal ancestor.  I'm pleased to introduce Phillip Schaal.  Phillip was born abt 1825 in Württemberg, Germany and immigrated to the US sometime in the early 1850's or thereabouts.  I have been unable to locate his immigration records.  I found a listing for him in an index, but alas the record book that contains the actual information was missing from St. Clair County, IL and I'm fresh out of luck on that one.  He settled in Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois.

Phillip Schaal had a brother named Christoph that also immigrated.  As far as I can tell they did not immigrate together and Christoph it seems, was around 16 years younger than Phillip. The immigration information has me utterly confused and I will make a post about this little family at another time.  Phillip and Christoph Schaal.  They are a brick wall for my husband's Schaal side of the family.

Phillip Schaal married Elizabeth Roth  10 Feb 1857 in Belleville, Illinois.  Elizabeth was also born in Germany and immigrated to Illinois with her parents and brothers.

Copy of the marriage certificate I requested from IRAD, Records, Carbondale, IL

Phillip and Elizabeth had the following known children:

1). Heinrich (Henry) Caspar Schaal  (1857-1934) *born almost exactly 9 months after his parents married
2). Louise Schaal (1859-1945)
3). George Schaal (1863-1920) **My husband's Great Great Grandfather
4). Margaretha Schaal (1866-1941)

Phillip was first listed as a Stone Mason and then later as a Butcher.  He enrolled into the US Missouri Infantry, Company I & F 10 Aug 1861 and was at that time listed as being 34 years old.  He was discharged 9 Jan 1862 at a camp near Rolla, MO. He was discharged due to having a disability; inguinal hernia.  

I can only imagine what it would be like to immigrate from your home country and move to your new country and then join in to fight for your new country in a Civil War.   This has been the only person in all of our family tree that I have found that enlisted for the Union side of the Civil War.  

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