Monday, February 9, 2015

#6 of 52...Thomas J. Bussey

Continuing on with the Civil War Ancestors let me introduce you to my 3rd Great Grandfather Thomas J. Bussey.  Thomas was born 15 Aug 1818 to Malachi Bussey and Martha A Frazier.  Thomas married Lucy Anne Livingston, daughter of Taliferro Livingston and Catherine Anglin Whatley 22 Feb 1846 in Pike County Georgia.

Thomas and Lucy had the following known children:

1). Willis M. Bussey (1845-  )  * it would appear that Willis was born in Dec 1845 and his parents were not                                                    married until Feb 1846.
2). James Whatley Bussey (1849-   )
3). Lucretia Celestia Bussey (1851-    )
4). Catherine Savannah Bussey (1855-   )
5). Samuel Thomas Bussey (1856-1914)  **my great great grandfather
6). Marietta J. Bussey (1859-   )
7). Alfred H. Bussey (1860-  )  
8). Lucy A. Bussey (1863-1923)
9). Martha J Bussey (1868-   )

Thomas and Lucy were listed in the 1860 Federal census for Zebulon Post Office, Pike County, GA.  The value of the real estate owned for Thomas was $1000 and personal estate being valued at $6765.  In the 1860 Slave Schedule for Pike County it is shown that Thomas owned 8 slaves and had two slave houses.  Mr. Bussey was not a poor farmer as many of my other family members were, Mr. Bussey had some money to his name.

I do not have a military record for Thomas Bussey, but I did find his application for Indigent Pension in 1885 and the following years until his death.  Indigent meaning he was poor.  He states in the records that he served about 10 months in Co H, 7th Regiment of the Georgia Militia.  He was discharged and paroled in April 1865 in Macon Georgia by the Yankee authorities.  He says he was a farmer until 1885 and then his health began to fail.  He states that in 1891 all his land was sold to cover his debt and he is now completely dependent upon his children for care.  He states that his wife is also infirm. He did receive his pension for his service to the cause and to help support him in is old age.  He was an interesting looking man as this is a photo of him below.  I'm not sure if that is a pinky ring or if it's a scratch on the photos.  Either way, he's a fine looking fellow.  Look at his long hair and seems to have a bit of a curl to it.  He has on a fine striped suit. Mr. Thomas J. Bussey died 11 Dec 1908 at the age of 90.  

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