Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Brickwall is Still Standing Strong but might be getting a crack or two...Louella Ledbetter.

It has been YEARS of searching and submitting DNA and we are still stumped on the true and exact parentage of Louella Ledbetter Bussey.

Awhile back my cousin got into contact with another cousin that had popped up on Ancestry.com as a DNA match.  We were able to verify that she was indeed a cousin and she too descends from Louella Ledbetter.  From a conversation with this newly found old cousin, she revealed that she had done a family tree project back in her school days and actually got some information straight from Louella's mouth!

The information garnered from the memory of our cousin included that Louella's mother's name was Alice Lee Lawrence.  That she was married to John Ledbetter and that she died, leaving Ella and Eugene.  Now it gets a little hazy as stories tend to do.  Alice died of pneumonia by a well. (?)  Now either John remarried and the stepmother was less than nice to Louella OR John just couldn't care for the children and they went to live with relatives.  This story would fit with the 1880 Census where Louella and Eugene were both living with Elizabeth Lawrence and if Alice's maiden name was Lawrence then Elizabeth would be Louella's grandmother.

Also revealed was the name Horace Saddlewhite as being Louella's grandfather or great grandfather's name.  My cousin and I took off with that name and started researching.  We couldn't find anything on Saddlewhite, however, we kept digging and indeed found a Dr. Horace B. Satterwhite in North Carolina.  After an extensive search, guess who we found living with Dr. Satterwhite and his daughter in 1850 in North Carolina?  None other than a 21-year-old Elizabeth Lawrence!  That cannot be a coincidence, right?  If our cousin got the name from Louella herself and we found Elizabeth living with this man then there has to be some truth to the story.  The thing is...Elizabeth Lawrence is not his daughter.  We've looked high and low and there are only 3 documented children of Dr. Satterwhite.  Two sons and the daughter Anna Maria.  Speaking of Anne Marie (I'm not sure which is correct as I've seen it both ways) married a Philo Bronson/Brownson and we find Elizabeth Lawrence and her daughters Mary Ella, Alice, Florence and Iola living with them in 1860 in Rabun County, GA!  So there is some kind of relationship there but not one I can prove.

So where does this leave us?

1). Elizabeth Lawrence has either 7 or 8 children (there is some question regarding the ages and names of some of the girls) and is always listed as widowed when it comes to the census that asks, but we have found no actual records indicating a husband's name.  There are two instances where we have seen a name for her husband.  In the city directory, she is listed as Lizzie or Elizabeth widow of George.  The other time I've seen the name George is from a descendant of one of Elizabeth's daughters that told me his name as was given to him by an aunt.  I have not found a marriage record at all for Elizabeth.  Where was this George?

2). What is the relationship between Elizabeth Lawrence and the Satterwhite family?  I've tried to connect her with being a possible niece, but nothing is showing up.

3).  What happened to Alice Lawrence Ledbetter?  We cannot find a death record or news of her death or anything regarding her other than the 1860 Census.

4). What about John Ledbetter?  Where was he?  Again, no marriage record has been located between John Ledbetter and Alice Lawrence.

5). We seem to always end up with more questions than answers.

If you have any insight, PLEASE let us know!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Refusing to say I failed...

I had the goal of doing the "52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks" challenge in 2015.  I did really well for many weeks but managed to only complete 39 Ancestors.  I refuse to say that I failed the challenge.  I may not have completed the challenge in the time allotted, I certainly learned a lot about the 39 or so ancestors I was able to profile.

I will continue to work on profiling and fleshing out my ancestors in the future.  I think blogging as I research actually helps me to see the gaps in records that I may be forgetting.  When I can click on my blog and see the timeline of census records and the information included I'm able to see where I've looked and where I need to go next.

I'm happy to have started the journey for 52 Ancestors and I will not be sad that I did not get to finish it.  I'm going to leave it as is. My goal for this year, 2016, is to work on genealogy one day a week (at least through mid June while I'm still taking classes and interning).  During my one day a week I hope to blog here about my research.  I want to be more organized with my research and have goals and do things that make more sense.  As always, I am also hoping to get somewhere with my brick walls.  Genealogy is my hobby and I LOVE it!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

#39 of 52...John J. Stapler

Another one of my 2nd Great grandfathers is John Jackson. Stapler.  

John J. Stapler was born 27 July 1878 in Georgia.  His parents were Andrew Stapler and Sarah.  Andrew and Sarah had the following known children:

1). Parks B. Stapler (1874-1954)
2). General G Stapler (1879-1953
3). John Jackson Stapler  (July 1881-1956)
4). unknown

1900 US Federal Census, Haralson County, Georgia 15 June 1900.  John J. Stapler is found with his parents.  

Andrew Stapler (June 1835) age 64, married for 37 years, born in Georgia as well as his parents. Andrew is a Farmer. 

Sarah D. Stapler, wife,  (July 1845) age 54, married for 37 years, mother of 6 children, 4 living. She was born in Georgia, her father in South Carolina and her mother in Georgia.

General G Stapler, son,  (Mar 1878) age 22, born in Georgia, Farm hand

Johnny J. Stapler, son,  (July 1880) age 19, born in Georgia

Mary E.  Stapler, grand daughter, (Oct 1891) age 8, born in Alabama

Interestingly next door is a Parks Stapler and family. Parks is the right age to be Andrew and Sarah's son.  I will investigate further to verify this relationship. 

Also on the same census page is William Akin and family.  This family includes a daughter Allis age 13.  This may be the Allis Akins that John J grows up to marry.   

16 April 1905--J.J. Stapler and Miss Alis Akin were married in Haralson County, Georgia by S.R. Goldin M.G.  They obtained the Marriage License the day before. 

James and Alace (I've seen her named spelled multiple ways) had the following children. 

1). William Jack Stapler (1906-1974)
2). Tishie Stapler (1909-1974)
3). Sarah Stapler (1913-1996)
4). Murdock Okers Stapler (1916-1973)
5). Ollin Stapler (1923-1979)
6). Robert H. Stapler (1926-1987)
7). A. G. Stapler (1933-2002)
8). Essie May Stapler (1920-2003)
9). Florance Stapler (1930-2003)

1910 US Federal Census, Cleburne County, Alabama.  The family is now in Alabama.  John J. is a farmer renting his farm.  He is age 27 and has been married for 5 years.  It indicates that he and his wife both cannot read or write.  Alace is now 22 years old and she is the mother of 3 children with 2 living.
Jackson, son, is age 3 and born in Georgia.  Tishie is age 5/12 months and born in Alabama.  

1918 Sept 12--US WWI Draft Registration Card.  John Jackson Stapler, home address R.H. Bowdon, Georgia. Age in years 38. DOB July 27, 1878. White, Native born, Farming. He signed with and x (he was unable to read or write).  Height-Medium; Build-Medium; eyes-Blue; Hair-Black.  This registration was done in Cleburne County, Alabama.

1920 US Federal Census, I've not been able to locate the family in the 1920 census.  It is likely that they have been mislabeled.  I will continue to search for them. 

1930 US Federal Census, Carroll County, Georgia.  They are back in Georgia now.  John J. Stapler is renting his home, living on a farm.  He is age 49, married and was 23 years old at his first marriage. He is a farmer working on his own account.
Allice, wife, age 42 years. 
Jack, son, age 23
Sarra, daughter, age 16
Murdoc, son, age 14
May, daughter, age 9
Olen, son, age 6
Robert son age 3 years 8/12 months (it appears to say).

1940 US Federal Census, Carroll County, Georgia.  Same location as in 1930.  John Stapler age 58.  It indicates that he did not attend any school, ever.  He is still a farmer. 
Allis, wife, age 57 years. attended 1st grade
Olin, son, age 15, attended to 3rd grade
Robert, son, age 12, attended to 3rd grade
Florince, daughter, age 9, attended to 2nd grade
Amos, age 6, not attended school. 

John J. Stapler passed away on 1 January 1956 in Carroll County, Georgia.  He was 75 years old.  


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

#38 of 52...Lester Octavia Reid...

Lester Octavia Reid is one of my 2nd great grandmothers.  I find it unusual for a girl to be named Lester.

Lester was born about 1877 in presumably Carroll County, Georgia to her parents James Patrick Reid and Mitilda Jane Green.  Lester had the following known siblings:

1). Alonzo L. Reid (1874-1955)
2). Osceola C. Reid (1876-1953)
3). Robert Reid (1882-)
4). Lillie D J Reid (1888-1977)

I found Lester O. age 1 at home with her parents James P. age 30 and Mitilda J. age 24; siblings Alonzo L age 6, Osceola age 4 and grandmother Jane Reid age 66 in the 1880 US Federal Census for District 714, Carroll County, Georgia dated 19th June 1880.

December 24th 1895 Miss Lester Reid married Mr. W. T. Ivey.  The Marriage License was granted 21st day of December in Carroll County, Georgia.  They were married by W. H. Rowe JP.

Lester and husband William T. Ivey have three sons.
1). Paul Osren Ivey (1897-1972)
2). Robert E Lee Ivey (1903-1979) **My great grandfather
3). William Worley Ivey (1913-1994)

1900 US Federal Census dated 5th day of June 1900 Lester age 20 (Mar 1880) is living with her husband William T. Ivey age 22 (April 1878) with their son Paul O. age 3 (Oct 1896).  They are in 714 District, Carroll County, Georgia.

1910 US Federal Census they are living on Temple Road in the 714 District of Carroll County, Georgia.  Lester is now 33 year old, been married for 14 years and has 2 children born and living.  William is 35 years old and Paul is 13 and Robert E. L is 7.  It says that she can read and write.

1920 US Federal Census Lester is suspiciously missing.  William is found living in the same area as 1910 with all three sons and listed as being a widower.  I do not know where Lester is.  It is very curious.

1930 US Federal Census  I have not been able to locate Lester in this census either.

1940 US Federal Census Lester is alive and well living with her son William Worley Ivey age 27 and his wife Marie age 21 in Chapel Hill, Douglas County, Georgia.  Lester is age 63 listed as a widow.  It states that she was living in Carroll County in 1935 and that she went to the 4th grade of school. Her grandchildren are also there, Worley Jr age 5, Helen, age 3 and Barbara age 11/12 months.

At some point Lester is known to have remarried to a man with the last name Boyles. She is listed in the Georgia Death Index as having passed away 1 Aug 1961 in Baldwin County, Georgia at the age of 82 years and was a resident of Carroll County.

I find Lester interesting and I have many questions about her.  Where did she go from 1920-1940? I assume she was somewhere but where?  Did the fact that she had 3 children with lots of years in between them indicate something?  Marital issues?  Health issues?  Choice?

#37 of 52...William T. Ivey...

William T. Ivey.  That name sounds strong to me.  This William T. Ivey is one of  my 2nd great grandfathers.  William T. Ivey was born about April 1875 (or thereabouts) in Georgia.   I truly don't know a lot about this man.  I know that he married Lester Octavia Reid on 24 December 1895 in Carroll County, Georgia.

William T. and Lester Octavia had the following three known sons:

1). Paul Osren Ivey (1897-1972)
2). Robert E Lee Ivey (1903-1979) **My great grandfather
3). William Worley Ivey (1913-1994)

1900  Federal Census dated 5th June finds William age 22 living in Militia District 714, Carroll County, Georgia.  He was the head of the household consisting of wife Lesta (Lester) O. Ivey age 20 and son Paul O. Ivey age 3.  William is listed as being a farmer.

There are several Ivey families living nextdoor to William.  I can assume they are related, but have not investigated further.  There is a William age 52 and Keturah age 51 that are candidates for William T's parents.

There is a George N Ivey age 28 that is a good candidate to be William T's brother. My next step in this research will be to see if these are viable candidates for his relatives.

1910 Federal Census dated 9 May indicates that William age 35 years and Lester O. age 33 living in the same 714 District of Carroll County, Georgia.  William is still a farmer. He can read and write and is renting the farm.  Son Paul O is now 13 and son Robert E. L. is 7 years.
The William Ivey and Keturah F are still living nearby and are now ages 63 and 60.

1920 Federal Census dated 31 Jan 1920 is interesting to say the least.  William is listed as being 41 years old and as being a Widower.  The boys Paul O is now 23, Robert E.L is 16 and William W is 8.  William T is still a farmer.  The interesting this is this fact that he is a widower.  It is not actually true.  I have found Lester Octavia Ivey in 1940 living with youngest son William Worley Ivey.  I also found evidence that she remarried to a man with the last name Boyles and she doesn't actually pass away until 1961.  So why does it say she's dead?  A really interesting mystery there.  Is it telling that they have had three sons and they are spread apart in age?  They are about 6-8 years apart.  I will explore this further.

I do not have a death date for William.  I'm not sure when he passed away. I have some investigating to do.

Catching up?

As I attempt to play catch-up before the end of the year on this fun genealogy challenge of blogging about one ancestor a week (52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks) I realize just how much I've missed doing genealogy work.  I have been very busy finally deciding what I want to be when I grow up.  I'm working as an intern at a local hospital in the Lactation Consulting department.  I'm working through the requirements and education in-order to qualify and sit for the International Board Certified Lactation Examiners Test this coming October.

Despite all of my work, I realize now how I need to make time for at least an hour or two of genealogy work every once in a while.  I hope to continue to expand my family tree and fill in the branches with stories and photos and connect with distant relatives.

I may not get all of my 52 this year, but it was a great beginning and the 30 something that I did manage to get before I started back to school were fun to do.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

#36 of 52... Tishie Stapler

One of my great grandmothers is named Tishie Stapler.  I was kind of named after her.  I guess you could say that her name inspired my middle name.  My name is Sarah Latisha.  Mama said that she thought of Sarah Tishie but didn't want to be accused of naming after one side of the family over another.  Then she thought of Sarah Tisha but that sounded too country for her. Haha! So she settled on Sarah Latisha.  It sounded better to her.  I like it.  It's not common.  It's different.  I don't really use it much, but it is my name.

Tishie Stapler was born 6 Dec 1909 in Cleburne County, Alabama.  Her parents were John J. Stapler and Alis Akin.  John J. Stapler and Alis had the following known children.

1). William Jack Stapler (1906-1974)
2). Tishie Stapler (1909-1974)
3). Sarah Stapler (1913-1996)
4). Murdock Okers Stapler (1916-1973)
5). Ollin Stapler (1923-1979)
6). Robert H. Stapler (1926-1987)
7). A. G. Stapler (1933-2002)
8). Essie May Stapler (1920-2003)
9). Florance Stapler (1930-2003)

Tishie married Robert E. Lee Ivey in May of 1925.  They had the following known children:

1). Fred V. Ivey (1926-1981)
2). John William Ivey (1928-1969)
3). Charles Mayern Ivey (1930-2006)
4). Leonard W. Ivey (1934-1972)
5). Shirley Lucille Ivey (1936-1978) **my grandmother
6). Robert E Ivey JR (1938-2009)
7). Gene Ivey (1941-1989)*twin
8). Imagene Ivey (living)*twin
9) Carolyn Sue Ivey (living)
10). Mary Alice Ivey (died in infancy unknown dates)

Tishie passed away before I was born so I never got to meet her.  From the one or two photos I did see of her, she reminded me of my Mama, only taller.  My mama was only 5 ft tall, but Granny (as my Mama called her) appeared to be much taller.  

Tishie gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl.  She has been the first direct ancestor that I have knowledge of giving birth to twins.  That makes her very interesting to me.