Saturday, September 12, 2015

#34 of 52...James Christopher Allen...

One of my Great Great Grandfathers was James Christopher Allen.  That's a lot of common names strung together there.  Nice, strong names; but common.  I believe I have his information correct however.

James Christopher Allen was born 11 April 1859 in Spalding County, Georgia to John Edgar Allen and Mary Elizabeth Wiggers (or possibly Wigus).
I believe the following to be the children of John Edgar and Mary Allen.

1). John W. Allen (1858-1919)
2). James Christopher Allen (1859-1942)  **my 2nd great grandfather
3). Louisa Allen (1863-1959)
4). Singleton William Allen (1865-?)
5). Walter T. Allen (1868-1923)
6). Thomas J Allen (1869-1926)
7). Minnie B. Allen (1873-?)
8). Effie Estelle Allen (1879-1958)

James Christopher Allen married Claudia Vandora Welch 28 March 1886 in Henry County, Georgia.  They had the following known children:

1). Ector Allen (1889-?)
2). Trudie Allen (1892-1975)
3). Walter W. Allen (1894-1971)
4). Linnie May Allen (1896-1979)
5). Clara Allen (1901-1949) *twin
6). William Clarence Allen (1901-1973) *twin
7). Eunice Allen (1903-1968)
8). Emma Lois Allen (1906-1990) **my great grandmother
9). Sue Allen (1910-before 1920)

#33 of 52...Berney Jack Thomason SR...

Berney Jack Thomason Sr was my great grandfather.  I called him Afaw because I couldn't say Grandpa when I was little.  I had the opportunity to get to know him growing up.  He passed when I was living abroad in Japan and unable to make it back to the funeral.  It was very difficult for me to process his death without being able to attend the funeral.  It was a hugely emotional time for me.  Afaw had a crazy sense of humor.  He was fun.  I hear there was a different side to him, but I never saw that.  

He was a security guard at a bank and later at a car dealership.  I believe at one point he may have been a sheriff deputy but I'm not sure.  I remember seeing his pistol on the table growing up and knowing that we weren't allowed to touch it unless he was holding it.  It had a pearl handle I believe.

Berney Jack Thomason Sr was born 29 June 1937 to David Luther Thomason and Emma Lois Allen in Covington, Newton County, Georgia.  He was their third child and only son.  
He had the following sisters. 
      1). Helen Louise Thomason (1924-2013)
      2). Dorothy Mae Thomason (1926-1990)

Berney Jack Thomason Sr. married Shirley Lucille Ivey 28 Feb 1954 in Porterdale, Newton County, Georgia.  It was his second marriage, but her first.  He did not have any children with his first wife. 

Together Jack and Shirley had the following children.
1). Berney Jack Thomason JR (1955-2003)
2). Donna Jane Thomason (1957-2006) **my mother
3). Janet Elaine Thomason (living)
4). Beverly June Thomason (living)
5). Julie Shirlene Thomason (living)