Thursday, January 16, 2014

One of my Brick Walls. Who were Ella's parents?

My  GG Grandmother Louella Ledbetter Bussey. AKA Ella Bussey. She was born 10 Dec 1872 in Georgia (possibly in Hall County, Gainesville but there is no proof). The first census she shows up in is 1880 in Hall County, Gainesville, Georgia. She is living with a widowed woman named Elizabeth Lawrence and her children. Ella is listed as being her granddaughter. With Ella is a younger brother Eugene Ledbetter. She married Samuel T. Bussey in Atlanta, Georgia 15 Dec 1886 (she was 14 years old). We are trying to discover who her parents were and where she was from.

I have tried following Elizabeth Lawrence's family but I have not found a daughter or son that would have been Ella's parent. The family lore is that Ella was orphaned and had to live with relatives until Samuel "found her" whatever that is supposed to mean.

Ella's death certificate does not list any parents except that her father's last name was Ledbetter. The informant was her grandson and Ella was 90 when she died. I have not found an obit for her, I'm not sure if one was placed, but am seeking it out.

Ella's brother , Eugene Ledbetter's death certificate lists his parents as John Ledbetter and Alice Mull. The informant was one of Ella's sons. Family Lore supports the Alice name. I've gotten no where with these names since they are very common and without dates or locations it leads in a circle. His obit was not informative at all, just that he had died and when the funeral was to be and where he was to be buried.

Any more ideas on where to look?