Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#8 of 52...David R. Laycock

Today I will be introducing another one of my husband's ancestors.  Today we will take a look at David R. Laycock.  David is my husband's 3rd great grandfather.  He enlisted in the military during the Civil War, however there were two David Laycocks living in Tennessee and keeping their military records separate has been a challenge.  I believe our David served for the Confederacy while the other one served for the Union.  As with any genealogical research, you have to use the records you find and then make educated guesses with the rest.  This is my educated guess.  I'm always open to other options and being shown and proven otherwise.

David Laycock was born about 1826 in Orange County, North Carolina to Timothy Laycock and Polly Warren.  I am unsure of the other children of Timothy and Polly.  There are other children, but I've not made the confirmation as of yet.  When I do, I will update that information here.

It appears that David and his parents and sibling migrated from Orange County, North Carolina to by the time David is 10 years old.  His father, Timothy is found on the Tax List for Jackson, Tennessee in 1836.

David marries Martha (last name unknown) sometime before 1850.  In the 1850 Federal Census for Jackson, Tennessee he is listed with his wife Martha, their son Thomas 1 year old and his father Timothy.  (these are assumptions as we all know that the relationship is not stated in the 1850 census.

David and Martha have following known children:

1). Thomas M. Laycock (abt 1849-abt 1896) **this is my husband's 2nd great grandfather
2). Elizabeth L. Laycock
3). Sarah E. Laycock

In 1860 David and his wife Martha along with the three children were living in Putnam County, Tennessee.

In 1861 it appears that David R. Laycock enlisted as a Private, Company B, 28th Reg't Tennessee Infantry. His enlistment date was 7 Sept 1861 at Camp Zollicoffer, TN by J. W. McHenry for a period of 12 months. David was 38 years of age.

I checked further on fold3.com for David's service records.  On 3 Oct 1861, David is listed as present for duty.  The next muster roll dated 31 Oct 1861 he is listed as absent.  Under remarks it reads: "Left-without leave. I am told has run away."  Uh oh!

The next muster roll is dated 28 Apr 1862 remarks: "Deserted Oct 1861"

The next muster roll is dated 28 Feb-31 Aug 1862.  Absent. Remarks: "Absent without leave".

So it would seem that our David R. Laycock was not cut out to be a soldier.

There is another David R. Laycock that joined the Union army in 1864; but I think I have tracked him back to Kentucky with a different wife and children and he appears to be a different age.  At first I thought that he was in the Confederate army, deserted and the later joined the Union.  I don't believe that to be the case now; however it is odd that they think that this second David R. Laycock went to Putnam County before he was mustered out.  It's likely that these two David's are related as both were born in Orange County, North Carolina.  I'm of course not certain that there isn't a different story to this information.  I'll have to dig deeper into David R. Laycock's history to see what I can find out.


Monday, February 16, 2015

#7 of 52...Phillip Schaal

I'm switching sides now and introducing you to my husband's 3rd great grandfather and his immigrant Schaal ancestor.  I'm pleased to introduce Phillip Schaal.  Phillip was born abt 1825 in W├╝rttemberg, Germany and immigrated to the US sometime in the early 1850's or thereabouts.  I have been unable to locate his immigration records.  I found a listing for him in an index, but alas the record book that contains the actual information was missing from St. Clair County, IL and I'm fresh out of luck on that one.  He settled in Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois.

Phillip Schaal had a brother named Christoph that also immigrated.  As far as I can tell they did not immigrate together and Christoph it seems, was around 16 years younger than Phillip. The immigration information has me utterly confused and I will make a post about this little family at another time.  Phillip and Christoph Schaal.  They are a brick wall for my husband's Schaal side of the family.

Phillip Schaal married Elizabeth Roth  10 Feb 1857 in Belleville, Illinois.  Elizabeth was also born in Germany and immigrated to Illinois with her parents and brothers.

Copy of the marriage certificate I requested from IRAD, Records, Carbondale, IL

Phillip and Elizabeth had the following known children:

1). Heinrich (Henry) Caspar Schaal  (1857-1934) *born almost exactly 9 months after his parents married
2). Louise Schaal (1859-1945)
3). George Schaal (1863-1920) **My husband's Great Great Grandfather
4). Margaretha Schaal (1866-1941)

Phillip was first listed as a Stone Mason and then later as a Butcher.  He enrolled into the US Missouri Infantry, Company I & F 10 Aug 1861 and was at that time listed as being 34 years old.  He was discharged 9 Jan 1862 at a camp near Rolla, MO. He was discharged due to having a disability; inguinal hernia.  

I can only imagine what it would be like to immigrate from your home country and move to your new country and then join in to fight for your new country in a Civil War.   This has been the only person in all of our family tree that I have found that enlisted for the Union side of the Civil War.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wordless Wednesday....Charlie Henry & Ina Brown Waller

Below are two photos of my Great Great Grandparents
Charlie Henry Waller (1880-1955) and Ina Brown Waller (1892-1959).  These are the parents of the children I featured last week here.

Ina Brown and Charlie Henry Waller
Copy of photo owned by my Great Aunt Cora Cumbie

Charlie Henry Waller & Ina Brown Waller
Copy of photo owned by my Great Aunt Cora Cumbie

Monday, February 9, 2015

#6 of 52...Thomas J. Bussey

Continuing on with the Civil War Ancestors let me introduce you to my 3rd Great Grandfather Thomas J. Bussey.  Thomas was born 15 Aug 1818 to Malachi Bussey and Martha A Frazier.  Thomas married Lucy Anne Livingston, daughter of Taliferro Livingston and Catherine Anglin Whatley 22 Feb 1846 in Pike County Georgia.

Thomas and Lucy had the following known children:

1). Willis M. Bussey (1845-  )  * it would appear that Willis was born in Dec 1845 and his parents were not                                                    married until Feb 1846.
2). James Whatley Bussey (1849-   )
3). Lucretia Celestia Bussey (1851-    )
4). Catherine Savannah Bussey (1855-   )
5). Samuel Thomas Bussey (1856-1914)  **my great great grandfather
6). Marietta J. Bussey (1859-   )
7). Alfred H. Bussey (1860-  )  
8). Lucy A. Bussey (1863-1923)
9). Martha J Bussey (1868-   )

Thomas and Lucy were listed in the 1860 Federal census for Zebulon Post Office, Pike County, GA.  The value of the real estate owned for Thomas was $1000 and personal estate being valued at $6765.  In the 1860 Slave Schedule for Pike County it is shown that Thomas owned 8 slaves and had two slave houses.  Mr. Bussey was not a poor farmer as many of my other family members were, Mr. Bussey had some money to his name.

I do not have a military record for Thomas Bussey, but I did find his application for Indigent Pension in 1885 and the following years until his death.  Indigent meaning he was poor.  He states in the records that he served about 10 months in Co H, 7th Regiment of the Georgia Militia.  He was discharged and paroled in April 1865 in Macon Georgia by the Yankee authorities.  He says he was a farmer until 1885 and then his health began to fail.  He states that in 1891 all his land was sold to cover his debt and he is now completely dependent upon his children for care.  He states that his wife is also infirm. He did receive his pension for his service to the cause and to help support him in is old age.  He was an interesting looking man as this is a photo of him below.  I'm not sure if that is a pinky ring or if it's a scratch on the photos.  Either way, he's a fine looking fellow.  Look at his long hair and seems to have a bit of a curl to it.  He has on a fine striped suit. Mr. Thomas J. Bussey died 11 Dec 1908 at the age of 90.  

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wordless Wednesday...The Waller Children

Below is a photo from Easter 1942
I copied this photo from my grandmother's collection.

Children of Charlie Waller and Ina Brown.

I can identify almost everyone with some certainty however I admit I could be mistaken on a couple. The names are correct, but I may be misidentifying some.  I am certain of the men and of my great grandmother. 
Front row Left to right starting with the light colored dress:
        Daisy (Ina) Waller Webb, Gladys Waller Dunson, Troy Eugene Waller Bussey*my great grandmother,         Josie Lee Waller Chapman
Second Row, Left to right: 
     Lois Waller Kelly, Hurbert Albert Waller, Estelle Waller Mathis, William Waller, Clara Mae Waller Wall 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#5 of 52...John Wesley Welch

Let me introduce you to another Civil War Veteran from my family tree.  It seems that many of my ancestors were discharged due to medical issues and my 3rd Great Grandfather John W. Welch is no exception.  John Wesley Welch is my ancestor through my maternal grandfather's maternal line. That would be Jack Thomason's mother Emma Lois Allen's line.  

John Wesley Welch was born 26 July 1838 in Henry County, Georgia and died 25 Jan 1884 in Henry County, Georgia.

John is the son of Wesley Cook Welch and his first wife Lydia Welch (I think).  Mr. Wesley Cook Welch was apparently married four times and had children with three of the four wives.  I've not quite got them all untangled.  I'll get them sorted out eventually.  For now it is believed that John Wesley's mother was Lydia. Due to the number of marriages and the fact that my 4th Great Grandfather had around 11 children and I'm not sure who each one's mother is I will not list John's siblings.  

From his Disability Discharge Paper, "Private John W. Welch, of Captain W.W. Delamar Company 22 of the Twenty Seventh Regiment of Confederate States was enlisted by Major Calhoon of the 27th Regiment of Geo. Vol, at Camp Stephens on the ninth day of September 1861 to serve during the war; he was born in Henry county in the State of Georgia, is twenty three years of age, five feet, nine 1/2 inches high, dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair and by occupation when enlisted a farmer.  During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty sixty days.  The disability was caused by cold sitting in his head which has lasted during the last three years he said.  J.W. Welch has been under medical treatment the most of that time.  The medicine has proved ineffective.

Station: Manassas (can't read the second part)
Date: December ninth 1861.

Signed W.W.Delamar"

The surgeon wrote the following "general disability caused by long continual disease of the frontal and maxillary sinuses.  I further declare my belief that he will never be able to discharge the duties of a soldier.

Signed  Tho M Duvall Surgeon."

Discharged 11th day of December, 1861 at Camp Pickens.

So there you have it.  He had serious sinus infections and they discharged him.  I wonder what kind of medicine would he be given for sinus infection in 1861?  They didn't have antibiotics.

John Wesley Welch went on to marry Emily Catherine Allen 5 Jan 1866 in Spalding County, Georgia.
Emily Catherine was born 15 Sep 1839 and died 5 Aug 1931.  She is from yet another Allen line in my family.  I have not yet traced her family back to see if they intersect with any of the other Allen lines.

John W. Welch and Emily C. Allen had the following known children:

1). Walter Welch (1866-1892)
2). Claudia Vandora Welch (1869-1971) **my 2nd great grandmother
3). Ressie F. Welch (1872-1939)
4). Sallie Dovie Welch (1878-1929)
5). John Wesley Welch JR (1882-1942)

John Wesley Welch SR passed away 25 Jan 1884.