Thursday, April 2, 2015

#13 of 52...Shirley Lucille Ivey

Shirley Lucille Ivey was my maternal grandmother.  I never got the opportunity to know her.  I was born in Sept and she passed the following Feb.  I grew up referring to her as Grandmother Shirley.

Shirley was born in Cleborne, Alabama to Robert E. Lee Ivey and Tishie Stapler. I'm named for Tishie sort-of.  My middle name is Latisha because Mama said "Sarah Tishie is just way too country".  My mama always called them Papa and Granny.  Robert E. Lee and Tishie had the following known children:

1).  Fred V. Ivey (1926-1981)
2).  John William Ivey (1926-1969)
3).  Charles Mayern Ivey (1930--)
4).  Leonard W Ivey (1934-1972)
5).  Shirley Lucille Ivey (1936-1978) **my maternal grandmother
6).  Robert Ivey (1938-)
7).  Gene Ivey (1941-)
8).  Imagene Ivey  (living) twin to Gene
9).  Carolyn Sue Ivey (living)
10). Mary Alice Ivey (unknown-passed in childhood)

Shirely Lucille Ivey & Berney Jack Thomason, SR
28 Feb 1954
Wedding Day
Shirley married my grandfather Berney Jack Thomason SR on 28 Feb 1954 in Porterdale, Newton County, Georgia.  They had the following children.

1).   Berney Jack Thomason (1955-2003)
2).   Donna Jane Thomason (1957-2006) My mama
3).  Janet Elaine Thomason  (living)
4).  Beverly June Thomason (living)
5).  Julie Shirlene Thomason (living)

My grandmother Shirley was a stay at home mother most of her life, but did spend time working in a school cafeteria for a while.

She's one of the women I wonder about.  I didn't have the opportunity to know her.  My other grandmother spent some time with her when Shirley was ill with cancer and taking treatments.  My Nana tells me that she made a good pot roast and that she enjoyed eating french bread with cheese slices.  Grandmother Shirley was a beautiful woman.  She had beautiful eyes and long hair.  She was ordinary in that she didn't hold a fantastic position as a career nor did she go to fantastic locations; but she was special and vitally important!  Without her there would not be a me.  She was important to her family; her children.  Even though through out history we mostly hear about the extraordinary, the ordinary are the ones that actually perpetuate our world; make our lives worth living day to day.

Jane Thomason Curran (my mother), Shirley Ivey Thomason, Janet Thomason  

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