Thursday, April 30, 2015

#15 of 52...Letha Hazel Marlow

Letha Hazel Marlow is my great grandmother.  She is my Papaw on my paternal side's mother.
I've always liked the name Letha and if we were to have another daughter I would have championed for her name to include Letha; alas though there will be no more babies for me.

Letha Hazel Marlow was born 1 April 1905 in Walker, Wood County, West Virginia to George Monroe Marlow and Bertha May Day. Her known siblings are:

1). Carl Edward Marlow (1906-1976)
2). Cecil Hardwick Marlow (1909-1984)
3). Infant son Marlow (1912-1912)
4). Justine Marlow (1918-1961)

Letha married Lewis Wade Curran 12 Aug 1922 in Parkersburg, Wood County, West Virginia. Lewis had a sister named Letha Curran and she married Letha Marlow's brother Carl Marlow!  So Letha Marlow became Letha Curran and Letha Curran became Letha Marlow and each couples children became double first cousins!

Letha Hazel Marlow and Lewis Wade Curran had the following known children:

1). Leonard Leroy Curran (1922-1922) stillborn
2). Paul Edward Curran (1924-2002)
3). Homer Carl Curran (1925-2001)
4). Lewis Wade Curran JR (still living)
5). Russell C. Curran (1930-2005)
6). Donald Vearl Curran (still living) **this is my Papaw
7). Hazel Marie Curran (1936-2013)

As you can see Letha was a strong woman!  She was the mother to five living boys and one daughter.  Can you imagine all those boys running about?  And then that baby girl?

Grandma Curran, as she is called by our family, had the opportunity to see me when I was but a wee little one.  I do not recall her at all, but they said they took me up to see her in West Virginia.  She passed away 29 Sep 1979; I had just turned 2 years old 11 days prior.  She was 74 years old.  I wish I would have had a chance to get to know her.

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