Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#14 of 52...Troy Eugene Waller...My Mawmaw

I'm back after a wonderful Spring Break road trip and then a subsequent week of illness. Back to my female ancestors.  This week I want to take a look at one of my paternal great grandmothers.

Troy Eugene Waller.  Yes, that is actually a female name.  She once told me that she was named after the doctor that helped deliver her.  I don't know if that is true or if I heard the story right or not, but the fact is that her name was Troy Eugene.

Troy Eugene Waller was born 2 Dec 1909 in Campbell County, Georgia to Charlie Henry Waller and Ina Myrtle Brown.

Troy was the second child, oldest daughter of the couple.  Other known children are:

1). William Henry Waller (1908-1986)
2). Troy Eugene Waller (1909-1991)
3). Bobby Gladys Waller (1911-1980)
4). Estelle Waller (1913-1942)
5). Lois Waller (1916-1979)
6). Clara May Waller (1917-1995)
7). Josie Lee Waller (1920-1995)
8). Herbert Albert Waller (1922-1995)
9). Ina Myrtle Waller (1924-1997)

That's 7 girls and 2 boys if you are keeping track. Troy's father Charlie was involved in moon-shining during Prohibition.  I will tell that story one day but not today. Troy helped with the younger children when her father was incarcerated and her mother had to go to work to support the family.

Troy married John Waller (he's related somehow; but I have not pieced together the relationship as of yet) sometime before 1928. He was 17 years older than her. She moved to Alabama with him where he was a builder.  She gave birth to a daughter named Cora.  In 1929, John was killed in an accident at the work-site he was employed, he was .  Troy was a widow with an infant daughter at the age of 20.

Troy married John Colvin Bussey 17 Aug 1934 in Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia.  He too was 17 years older than her.  Together they had two children.  John Bussey also adopted Troy's daughter Cora as his own.

1). Ella Alice Bussey (still living)  **my grandmother
2). Colvin Troy Bussey (still living)
Troy Eugene Waller and John Colvin Bussey
photo owned by Alice Bussey Curran

My Mawmaw was a tough lady.  I knew her and she made a huge impression on me. I have many, many memories of her that I cherish.  She lived in Southwest Fulton County,Georgia not far from the Federal Prison and the Lakewood Fairgrounds.  When I was little, around 4 or 5 I spent the night with her and she took me on my first bus ride.  We caught the bus right up from her house and went to Candler Drug Store for ice cream.  She was proud of me, telling everyone I was her great grand daughter.

She passed away Oct 1991.  The time leading up to her death was trying.  Alzheimer's Disease is devastating for everyone involved.

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