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#9 of 52...Two for One Special! Conrad Flach and Barbara Nieder

This past week I have been looking at a set of my husband's 3rd Great Grandparents.  Today I'm looking at Conrad Flach and Barbara Nieder.

Conrad Flach was born about 1826 in Prussia (according to Census records).  I have not pinned down his death date.

Barbara Nieder was born about 1825, also in Prussia (again according to Census records). Her date of death has not been located either.

We don't know much about Conrad and Barbara before they arrived in the United States from Prussia, but I did manage to locate when and where they arrived.

Conrad arrived 13 Nov 1854 aboard the ship Moses Taylor.  The ship arrived at the port of New Orleans, LA.  It had departed from Le Havre, France.  Below is the top portion of the ship manifest as well as Conrad's listing.

Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, Louisiana, 1820-1902; Series: M259; Roll #: 40

Here's Conrad on the list.

Conrad Flach, age 28, male;
 Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, Louisiana, 1820-1902; Series: M259; Roll #: 40
There isn't much juicy information on this document so far.  We have Conrad's name and his age on 13 Nov 1854, giving us the approximate birth year of 1826.  But as I looked at all the names on the list guess what I found!

Barbara Nieder, age 27 and Christine Nieder age 13
Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, Louisiana, 1820-1902
; Series: M259; Roll #: 40

Looky there!  Barbara Nieder is on the same ship!  But who is this Christine listed with her?  And what is that written on that column?  Dos that say helped?  Or something else?  It appears that Barbara Nieder was on the same ship as Conrad Flach leaving from Le Hever, France and arriving in New Orleans! But again, who is Christine?  Is she Barbara's sister? Cousin? Daughter? It is possible as there is 16 years between their ages and having a child at 16 is not unheard of.

Conrad Flach and Barbara Nieder get married in Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois 22 Aug 1856; just under two years from their arrival to the US.

The couple have the following known children:

1). Henry Flach (1859-1926)
2). Adam Flach (1862-1906)
3). Elizabeth Flach (1865-1942) **This is Cody's 2nd Great Grandmother.  She married George Schaal.

I have searched for the couple (Conrad and Barbara) in 1860 but have not located them.  I was hoping to find Christine with them and try to determine her relationship to Barbara, but have not had any luck with it.

I located Conrad on a list of Civil War Draft Registrations dated 1 July 1863.  He was living in Belleville, IL his age was 39 and his occupation was Mason.

1870 Federal Census finds the couple still living in Belleville, IL with the three children listed and Conrad is listed as being a Stone Mason.

1880 Federal Census they are still in Belleville, IL and only Elizabeth (Lizzie) is at home.  Again Conrad's occupation is Stone Mason.

1891 City Directory lists only Conrad Flach with no mention of Barbara so may be able to surmise that she has passed.  However you can see two Adam Flachs (so not sure which one is Conrad's son), Miss Elizabeth Flach, housekeeper and living on S. Charles, and Henry Flach, heater.  The very interesting thing is that Conrad is listed as living at 411 S. Church; Cody's family has been living on Church Street since at least this date.  His grandmother is living on Church Street today.  It's not the same number, but very close.  That home has been in their family for decades.

Ancestry.com. U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2011.
This family is fascinating to me.  I wonder if Conrad and Barbara knew each other in Prussia or did they meet on that ship?  What was each ones motivation to move to the United States?  Who was Christine?  I have many questions about this family.  I wish we had photos or drawings of them.  I wish I had photos for all of our ancestors that had any taken.

I'll continue to search for their death records.  I have found a Conrad Flach listed in a City Directory for 1906, but I am not sure if it's the same Conrad Flach.  It has him listed as working for the Stoveworks and he'd be 80 years old.  So I'm not quite sure that would be right.

I'll also keep searching to see if I can find out who Christine was and anything possible about their life in Prussia; such as parents and such.

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