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#39 of 52...John J. Stapler

Another one of my 2nd Great grandfathers is John Jackson. Stapler.  

John J. Stapler was born 27 July 1878 in Georgia.  His parents were Andrew Stapler and Sarah.  Andrew and Sarah had the following known children:

1). Parks B. Stapler (1874-1954)
2). General G Stapler (1879-1953
3). John Jackson Stapler  (July 1881-1956)
4). unknown

1900 US Federal Census, Haralson County, Georgia 15 June 1900.  John J. Stapler is found with his parents.  

Andrew Stapler (June 1835) age 64, married for 37 years, born in Georgia as well as his parents. Andrew is a Farmer. 

Sarah D. Stapler, wife,  (July 1845) age 54, married for 37 years, mother of 6 children, 4 living. She was born in Georgia, her father in South Carolina and her mother in Georgia.

General G Stapler, son,  (Mar 1878) age 22, born in Georgia, Farm hand

Johnny J. Stapler, son,  (July 1880) age 19, born in Georgia

Mary E.  Stapler, grand daughter, (Oct 1891) age 8, born in Alabama

Interestingly next door is a Parks Stapler and family. Parks is the right age to be Andrew and Sarah's son.  I will investigate further to verify this relationship. 

Also on the same census page is William Akin and family.  This family includes a daughter Allis age 13.  This may be the Allis Akins that John J grows up to marry.   

16 April 1905--J.J. Stapler and Miss Alis Akin were married in Haralson County, Georgia by S.R. Goldin M.G.  They obtained the Marriage License the day before. 

James and Alace (I've seen her named spelled multiple ways) had the following children. 

1). William Jack Stapler (1906-1974)
2). Tishie Stapler (1909-1974)
3). Sarah Stapler (1913-1996)
4). Murdock Okers Stapler (1916-1973)
5). Ollin Stapler (1923-1979)
6). Robert H. Stapler (1926-1987)
7). A. G. Stapler (1933-2002)
8). Essie May Stapler (1920-2003)
9). Florance Stapler (1930-2003)

1910 US Federal Census, Cleburne County, Alabama.  The family is now in Alabama.  John J. is a farmer renting his farm.  He is age 27 and has been married for 5 years.  It indicates that he and his wife both cannot read or write.  Alace is now 22 years old and she is the mother of 3 children with 2 living.
Jackson, son, is age 3 and born in Georgia.  Tishie is age 5/12 months and born in Alabama.  

1918 Sept 12--US WWI Draft Registration Card.  John Jackson Stapler, home address R.H. Bowdon, Georgia. Age in years 38. DOB July 27, 1878. White, Native born, Farming. He signed with and x (he was unable to read or write).  Height-Medium; Build-Medium; eyes-Blue; Hair-Black.  This registration was done in Cleburne County, Alabama.

1920 US Federal Census, I've not been able to locate the family in the 1920 census.  It is likely that they have been mislabeled.  I will continue to search for them. 

1930 US Federal Census, Carroll County, Georgia.  They are back in Georgia now.  John J. Stapler is renting his home, living on a farm.  He is age 49, married and was 23 years old at his first marriage. He is a farmer working on his own account.
Allice, wife, age 42 years. 
Jack, son, age 23
Sarra, daughter, age 16
Murdoc, son, age 14
May, daughter, age 9
Olen, son, age 6
Robert son age 3 years 8/12 months (it appears to say).

1940 US Federal Census, Carroll County, Georgia.  Same location as in 1930.  John Stapler age 58.  It indicates that he did not attend any school, ever.  He is still a farmer. 
Allis, wife, age 57 years. attended 1st grade
Olin, son, age 15, attended to 3rd grade
Robert, son, age 12, attended to 3rd grade
Florince, daughter, age 9, attended to 2nd grade
Amos, age 6, not attended school. 

John J. Stapler passed away on 1 January 1956 in Carroll County, Georgia.  He was 75 years old.  


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