Sunday, December 27, 2015

#36 of 52... Tishie Stapler

One of my great grandmothers is named Tishie Stapler.  I was kind of named after her.  I guess you could say that her name inspired my middle name.  My name is Sarah Latisha.  Mama said that she thought of Sarah Tishie but didn't want to be accused of naming after one side of the family over another.  Then she thought of Sarah Tisha but that sounded too country for her. Haha! So she settled on Sarah Latisha.  It sounded better to her.  I like it.  It's not common.  It's different.  I don't really use it much, but it is my name.

Tishie Stapler was born 6 Dec 1909 in Cleburne County, Alabama.  Her parents were John J. Stapler and Alis Akin.  John J. Stapler and Alis had the following known children.

1). William Jack Stapler (1906-1974)
2). Tishie Stapler (1909-1974)
3). Sarah Stapler (1913-1996)
4). Murdock Okers Stapler (1916-1973)
5). Ollin Stapler (1923-1979)
6). Robert H. Stapler (1926-1987)
7). A. G. Stapler (1933-2002)
8). Essie May Stapler (1920-2003)
9). Florance Stapler (1930-2003)

Tishie married Robert E. Lee Ivey in May of 1925.  They had the following known children:

1). Fred V. Ivey (1926-1981)
2). John William Ivey (1928-1969)
3). Charles Mayern Ivey (1930-2006)
4). Leonard W. Ivey (1934-1972)
5). Shirley Lucille Ivey (1936-1978) **my grandmother
6). Robert E Ivey JR (1938-2009)
7). Gene Ivey (1941-1989)*twin
8). Imagene Ivey (living)*twin
9) Carolyn Sue Ivey (living)
10). Mary Alice Ivey (died in infancy unknown dates)

Tishie passed away before I was born so I never got to meet her.  From the one or two photos I did see of her, she reminded me of my Mama, only taller.  My mama was only 5 ft tall, but Granny (as my Mama called her) appeared to be much taller.  

Tishie gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl.  She has been the first direct ancestor that I have knowledge of giving birth to twins.  That makes her very interesting to me.

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