Sunday, December 27, 2015

#35 of 52...Robert E Lee Ivey

Robert E Lee Ivey is one of my great grandfathers.  He was born 21 Feb 1903 in Georgia to William T. Ivey and Lester Octavia Reid.

It is my understanding that Robert. E Lee Ivey was named after "The" Robert E. Lee.  I do not remember him but he did have the opportunity to actually meet me when I was an infant.  I have only seen one or two photos of him and I recall him being sort of tall in the photo.  I wish I had copies of photos of him.

Robert E Lee Ivey had two brothers.
1). Paul O. Ivey (1897-1972)
2). William Worley Ivey (1913-1994)

Robert E. Lee Ivey married Tishie Stapler in May 1925.

Robert and Tishie had 10 children.

1). Fred V. Ivey (1926-1981)
2). John William Ivey (1928-1969)
3). Charles Mayern Ivey (1930-2006)
4). Leonard W. Ivey (1934-1972)
5). Shirley Lucille Ivey (1936-1978) **my grandmother
6). Robert E Ivey JR (1938-2009)
7). Gene Ivey (1941-1989)*twin
8). Imagene Ivey (living)*twin
9) Carolyn Sue Ivey (living)
10). Mary Alice Ivey (died in infancy unknown dates)

I wish I knew more about Robert E. Lee Ivey.  It is my understanding that he was a farmer and worked very hard to keep food on the table for his family.

Robert E. Lee Ivey passed away 8 August 1979 in Carroll County, Georgia

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