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#38 of 52...Lester Octavia Reid...

Lester Octavia Reid is one of my 2nd great grandmothers.  I find it unusual for a girl to be named Lester.

Lester was born about 1877 in presumably Carroll County, Georgia to her parents James Patrick Reid and Mitilda Jane Green.  Lester had the following known siblings:

1). Alonzo L. Reid (1874-1955)
2). Osceola C. Reid (1876-1953)
3). Robert Reid (1882-)
4). Lillie D J Reid (1888-1977)

I found Lester O. age 1 at home with her parents James P. age 30 and Mitilda J. age 24; siblings Alonzo L age 6, Osceola age 4 and grandmother Jane Reid age 66 in the 1880 US Federal Census for District 714, Carroll County, Georgia dated 19th June 1880.

December 24th 1895 Miss Lester Reid married Mr. W. T. Ivey.  The Marriage License was granted 21st day of December in Carroll County, Georgia.  They were married by W. H. Rowe JP.

Lester and husband William T. Ivey have three sons.
1). Paul Osren Ivey (1897-1972)
2). Robert E Lee Ivey (1903-1979) **My great grandfather
3). William Worley Ivey (1913-1994)

1900 US Federal Census dated 5th day of June 1900 Lester age 20 (Mar 1880) is living with her husband William T. Ivey age 22 (April 1878) with their son Paul O. age 3 (Oct 1896).  They are in 714 District, Carroll County, Georgia.

1910 US Federal Census they are living on Temple Road in the 714 District of Carroll County, Georgia.  Lester is now 33 year old, been married for 14 years and has 2 children born and living.  William is 35 years old and Paul is 13 and Robert E. L is 7.  It says that she can read and write.

1920 US Federal Census Lester is suspiciously missing.  William is found living in the same area as 1910 with all three sons and listed as being a widower.  I do not know where Lester is.  It is very curious.

1930 US Federal Census  I have not been able to locate Lester in this census either.

1940 US Federal Census Lester is alive and well living with her son William Worley Ivey age 27 and his wife Marie age 21 in Chapel Hill, Douglas County, Georgia.  Lester is age 63 listed as a widow.  It states that she was living in Carroll County in 1935 and that she went to the 4th grade of school. Her grandchildren are also there, Worley Jr age 5, Helen, age 3 and Barbara age 11/12 months.

At some point Lester is known to have remarried to a man with the last name Boyles. She is listed in the Georgia Death Index as having passed away 1 Aug 1961 in Baldwin County, Georgia at the age of 82 years and was a resident of Carroll County.

I find Lester interesting and I have many questions about her.  Where did she go from 1920-1940? I assume she was somewhere but where?  Did the fact that she had 3 children with lots of years in between them indicate something?  Marital issues?  Health issues?  Choice?

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