Tuesday, December 29, 2015

#37 of 52...William T. Ivey...

William T. Ivey.  That name sounds strong to me.  This William T. Ivey is one of  my 2nd great grandfathers.  William T. Ivey was born about April 1875 (or thereabouts) in Georgia.   I truly don't know a lot about this man.  I know that he married Lester Octavia Reid on 24 December 1895 in Carroll County, Georgia.

William T. and Lester Octavia had the following three known sons:

1). Paul Osren Ivey (1897-1972)
2). Robert E Lee Ivey (1903-1979) **My great grandfather
3). William Worley Ivey (1913-1994)

1900  Federal Census dated 5th June finds William age 22 living in Militia District 714, Carroll County, Georgia.  He was the head of the household consisting of wife Lesta (Lester) O. Ivey age 20 and son Paul O. Ivey age 3.  William is listed as being a farmer.

There are several Ivey families living nextdoor to William.  I can assume they are related, but have not investigated further.  There is a William age 52 and Keturah age 51 that are candidates for William T's parents.

There is a George N Ivey age 28 that is a good candidate to be William T's brother. My next step in this research will be to see if these are viable candidates for his relatives.

1910 Federal Census dated 9 May indicates that William age 35 years and Lester O. age 33 living in the same 714 District of Carroll County, Georgia.  William is still a farmer. He can read and write and is renting the farm.  Son Paul O is now 13 and son Robert E. L. is 7 years.
The William Ivey and Keturah F are still living nearby and are now ages 63 and 60.

1920 Federal Census dated 31 Jan 1920 is interesting to say the least.  William is listed as being 41 years old and as being a Widower.  The boys Paul O is now 23, Robert E.L is 16 and William W is 8.  William T is still a farmer.  The interesting this is this fact that he is a widower.  It is not actually true.  I have found Lester Octavia Ivey in 1940 living with youngest son William Worley Ivey.  I also found evidence that she remarried to a man with the last name Boyles and she doesn't actually pass away until 1961.  So why does it say she's dead?  A really interesting mystery there.  Is it telling that they have had three sons and they are spread apart in age?  They are about 6-8 years apart.  I will explore this further.

I do not have a death date for William.  I'm not sure when he passed away. I have some investigating to do.

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