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#20 of 52...Youarkee Catherine Lowers Marlow

Youarkee Catherine "Kate" Lowers Marlow was one of my 3rd great grandmothers.  She was born 17 July 1838 in Harris, Wood County, (West) Virginia.  Her parents were Thomas Lowers and Catherine Deem.  Thomas and Catherine had the following known children:

1) Mathias Lowers (1824-1902)
2) George Washington Lowers (1830-1880)
3) Eve Ann Lowers (1833-1881)
4) Mary Jane Lowers (1835-1912)
5) Yoarkee Catherine Lowers (1838-1909) ***my 3rd great grandmother
6) Martha Lowers (1839- unknown)
7) Thomas Alexander Lowers (1846-1917)

There was quite a bit of speculation throughout the family and over time as to Youarkee having Native American ancestry.  I've not seen that in my research; however I never say that I'm perfect in my research and there is always a possibility.  The name Youarkee is unusual, but was in my 3rd great grandmother's family.  Youarkee Catherine's mother Catherine Deem had a niece named Youarkee Everly Deem.  I've not sucessfully found out the origin of the name.  It is very unique though.

Youarkee "Kate" Lowers Marlow   unknown date. 
 This is a cropped version of the original.  The original features Levi as well as Kate and a daughter-in-law.  I do not know who has the original as this photo has been copied and passed all around to the many Marlow descendants.  

Youarkee "Kate" Lowers married Levi "Doc" Marlow son of Joseph Marlow and Margaret Allen in 1860.

Kate and Doc had the following known children:

1) Benjamin Franklin Marlow (1860-1927)
2) Levi Newton Marlow (1867-1940)
3) Lewis Napoleon Marlow (1869-1953)
4) Ella Catherine Marlow (1871-1947)
5) Shelton Marlow (1874-1877)
6) Floyd Leroy Marlow (1875-1950) *who married Clara Ellen Curran (my Great Grand Aunt, sister to
                                                             my great grandfather Lewis Curran)*
7) George Monroe Marlow (1877-1954) ***my Great Great Grandfather***
8) Earl Hardwick Marlow (1881-1952)
9) Clara Viola Marlow (1883-1887)
10) Thomas J. D. Marlow (unknown-1861)

Since I've seen this photo for many  years I always envision Kate as being a really strong woman.  She just looks strong to me.  The Deem, Marlow and Lowers families are all documented pretty well.  I've not verified a lot of the far back information.  The Deem family appears to be from Germany.  The Lowers family believed to come from The Netherlands and Marlow it seems to be English.

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