Tuesday, January 20, 2015

#3 of 52...Levi "Doc" Marlow

I have another 3rd Great Grandfather that served in the Civil War and was taken prisoner.  I have also seen a photograph of him. That Great Grandfather is Levi Marlow born in Virginia 30 Aug 1833 in what would later become Ohio County, West Virginia. He is related to me through my paternal grandfather's maternal side.

Joseph Marlow and Margaret Allen Marlow had the following children that I am aware of.

  • Levi (1833-1907) * My 3rd great grandfather
  • Sarah (1840-1904)
  • Mary (1843-1877)
  • Joseph M (1847-   )
  • David B (1849-    )

Levi was nicknamed Doc, but I'm not sure why.  I've not heard a story yet that explains why.  He married Youarkee Catherine"Kate" Lowers 21 Jun 1860.

Levi "Doc" Marlow, unknown date.
 This is a cropped version of the original.  The original features Levi as well as Kate and a daughter-in-law.  I do not know who has the original as this photo has been copied and passed all around to the many Marlow descendants.  

Levi and Youarkee (what a cool name, right?) had the following known children.

  • Benjamin Franklin (1860-1927)
  • Levi Newton (1867-1940)
  • Lewis Napoleon (1869-1953)
  • Ella Catherine (1871-1947)
  • Shelton (1874-1877)
  • Floyd Leroy (1875-1950)
  • George Monroe (1877-1954) *My 2nd great grandfather
  • Earl Hardwick (1881-1952)
  • Clara Viola (1883-1887)
  • Thomas J. D.  (       -1861)
Now what about this Civil War thing I was talking about?  I did some searching around on Ancestry.com and Fold3.com and found out that he enlisted as a Private under Capt Joseph R. Kessler's Company 3 Regt Calvary, Virginia State Line.  That was disbanded and he became part of the 19th Reg't Virginia Calvary.  He obtained the rank of Sgt.  It was noted on one roll dated Oct 15, 186_ that he had one horse.  

Noted on Company Muster Roll dated 31 Aug 1864 under Remarks: "Captured by the enemy March 1st, 1864.  Has since taken the oath to the Yankee Government, date unknown".  

From that statement it seems he was taken prisoner the end of Aug 1864.  The next document contains the following information. 
 Levi Marlow
Sgt, Co C. 19 Rgt Va Cav CSA
appears on a list of prisoners confined in Military Prison at Wheeling, VA (also known as Atheneum Prison)
April 4/64
Age 30 years; height, 5ft 8 in. Complexion fair; eyes blue; hair dark Occupation Farmer
Residence, Wood, WVa
Arrested: By whom: Capt Kennady
Where: Jackson Co WVa
Date: March 29, 1864
Remarks: Sent to Camp Chase May 10/64

Oct 4, 1864 Levi is released after signing an Oath of Allegiance to the US at Camp Chase, Ohio.  
Levi was at Camp Chase for about 5 months before being released.  

I've never heard any stories about this grandfather; he didn't have too far to go to get back home as Ohio is close to Western Virginia; but I imagine having spent time as a prisoner is never a picnic.  

Levi went on to live his life as a farmer in Wood County, West Virginia.  He is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Walker.  


  1. I'm excited to have stumbled onto this blog. Levi was my gg grandfather. As you can tell, Ella Marlow was my g grandmother. I am an author and use her name as my pen name. Thank you for searching for records of our family tree. I have questions about Youarkee if you have time. Thank you.

    1. So happy to meet you! Please email me and we can talk about Youarkee. My email is sarahtish at gmail dot com.