Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#25 of 52...Henry Martin Reid... has a new thing connected with the DNA results called "DNA Circles".  It connects you with others probable descendants of a single ancestor.  It uses DNA matching as well as actual family trees.  I'm in a big ol' circle for Henry Martin Reid.  There are 36 of us in this circle, including me, my Aunt Janet, and my two boys.  We're referred to as the Shirley Ivey family group since she is who we descend through.

Henry Martin Reid is my 5th great grandfather on my mother's maternal side. There are many family trees out there with Henry Martin Reid in them.  I am only putting information here that I'm fairly confident in the accuracy.  I'm leaving much out, as I've not been able to verify all of it yet.

Henry Martin Reid was born 3 Feb 1773 in Rowan County, North Carolina.  His parents were George Reid Sr and Margaret Chambers.

Henry Martin Reid married Edith E. Harrison who was born in 1782 in North Carolina.  They had the following children.

1). Lydia Reid (1802-1890)
2). Catherine "Katie" Reid (abt 1803-Unknown)
3) William Davis Reid (1806-before 1890) **this is my 4th great grandfather
4). Reuben Reid (1808-1852)
5). Elizabeth Reid (1814-1885)
6). Robert A Reid (1817-1873)
7). John Reid (1823-1904)

Henry Martin Reid passed away in 1853.

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