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#23 of 52...John Curran

John Curran was my great great grandfather.  He was born 8 Sep 1856 in Athens, Ohio.  We are not sure why his family was in Ohio at that time, but it is assumed they were there for work.  His parents were Terrence Curran and Margaret McManus.  Terrence and Margaret had the following children:

1). Ellen "Nelie" Curran (1852-1932)
2). Mary A. Curran (1854-abt 1935)
3). John M. Curran (1856-1921) ***my great great grandfather
4). Catherine Curran (1858-1942)
5). Thomas Jacob (1860-)
6). Hugh Francis Curran (1862-1864)
7). William S. Curran (1864-1940)
8). Edward Curran (1866-1939)

John M. Curran
photo taken of large framed photo owned by Donald V. Curran, my grandfather.

John M. Curran (I wonder if his middle initial was for McManus?  I've only ever seen the M and I'm not even sure where I saw that) married Elizabeth Ella Martin 13 Dec 1886 in Wood County, West Virginia.
They had the following known children.

1). John W. Curran (1886-1962)
2). Clara "Clarie" Ellen Curran (1888-1954)
3). Margaret "Maggie" Curran (1889-unknown)
4). Charles Terence Curran (1891-1918)
5). Laura "Laurie" Esther Curran (1893-1975)
6). Thomas James Curran (1896-1934)
7). Nora "Norie" Victoria Curran (1898-1976)
8). Cora "Cory" May Curan (1900-1969)
19).  Miner O. Curran (1901-1992)
10). Lewis Wade Curran SR (1903-1972) **my great grandfather
11). Alice Florence Curran (1906-1999)
12). Letha I. Curran (1908-1983)
13). Ralph E. Curran (1911-1990)

John M. Curran was a farmer and a father.  As you can see, he and Ella, as she was called, had 13 children.  He passed away at the age of 65.  His obit speaks of kidney problems, but his death certificate indicates that he died of prostate cancer.

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