Monday, May 18, 2015

#18 of 52...Samuel Groom SR...

Samuel Groom SR,
copy of photo sent to me by Marion Schaal

This is my husband's Great Great Grandfather.  My husband's grandma sent me this photo last month and I was very happy to receive it.  He looks quite dapper, doesn't he?

Samuel Groom SR was born 9 April 1874 in Belleville, Illinois to James Groom and Hannah Tate.  James and Hannah had the following known children.

1). William Groom (1865-1939)
2). John Groom (abt 1871-1935)
3). Richard Groom (1872-unknown)
4). Samuel Groom (1874-1942) **my husband's great great grandfather
5). Isaac Groom (abt 1876-1952)
6). Rachel Groom (abt 1877-1933)
7). Alexander Groom (1880-1946)
8). Thomas Groom (1883-1951)
9). Elizabeth Groom (abt 1886-1940)
10). Ann Groom (1887-1925)

Samuel Groom SR married Katherine "Katie" Haas 6 June 1896 in Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois. They had the following known children.

1). Viola Groom (1899-1956) **my husbands great grandmother
2). Leona Groom (abt 1902-unknown)
3). Samuel Groom JR. (1903-1956)
4). May Groom (1909-2002)

Samuel Groom followed in his family's footsteps and was a coal miner.

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