Monday, May 18, 2015

#17 of 52...Martin Dial...Oldest direct male ancestor...

I wrote about the oldest direct female ancestor in the previous post. Now we are going to talk about the oldest male.  I found Martin Dial, my 6th great grandfather and he lived to be 98 years 11 months and 27 days old; almost 99 years old.  

Martin Dial was born 30 Dec 1744 in North Carolina (though some stories say it was England) to Henry Arthur Dial and Isabella May Hastings.  Henry and Isabella had the following known children.

1) Hastings Dial (1732-1809)
2) James Dial (1734-unknown)
3) Martin Dial (1744-1843)

There are ten years between Martin and his next oldest sibling, which usually indicates that there were other children born.  I have not seen any information regarding other siblings, though I would not be surprised if there certainly were more, sisters even.

It is said that Martin Dial served in the Revolutionary War for America while his brothers were indeed Torries.  There have been many stories written about Martin Dial and genealogical books such as "Martin Dial and Related Families" by Hastings Harrison.

Martin married Chrystie Abercrombie in 1775.  They had the following children that I've found.  I am missing many dates for these children.

1) John Hastings Dial (abt 1882-aft 1860)
2)Isaac Dial (1791-1864) ***my 5th great grandfather
3) Jonathan Dial
4) Martin Dial Jr
5) James Dial
6) Hannah Dial
7) William Dial
8) Colvill Dial

There are many, many Dial descendants. Martin passed away in Gray Court, Laurens County, South Carolina on 26 Dec 1843.
Almost 99 years old!

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