Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What ya gonna do with all that DNA?

I am self-confessed DNA freak.  Okay, I should make that more accurate, I love the DNA test.  I've taken it.  I had my husband take it.  Then I gave it as gifts to my paternal grandparents.  Then I got my Dad to do it.  And my maternal aunt.  Then my son wanted to do it.  I got my husband's parents to do it. And now my younger son has done it.  We adore finding out what % of whatever we are.  I enjoy connecting to other cousins with family trees.  I look at it as a way to kind of verify and validate that our family trees are accurate--or if they are wrong we are all wrong together.

Now what to do with this new data?  I am not at all versed in DNA sequences or chromosomes or anything technical at all. I finally got around to loading my raw DNA data from up to   Now, I just did this today and I've only loaded a few of my kits since it takes a while for each one to process; but I've had some fun with making sure none of my subjects have parents that are related.  I didn't expect them to be, at least not closely, as the family lines branch back in different directions with little to no surnames in common.

I've played around with the eye-color predictor and so far it's been mostly correct.

But back to my question.  What am I to do with this DNA data?  I've used cousin matches to locate cousins and actually connect with them.  I've used it to try and do a descendant line trying to desperately figure out if my great great grandmother Louella (Ella) was actually a Ledbetter; but I've not really gotten very far with that.

What do you do with all of this DNA data?

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