Thursday, September 11, 2014

John C. Bussey Enlistment Record

I obtained a copy of John C. Bussey's military records back in 2003.  I looked at them and tried to decipher what they said.  The copy appears to have been faxed and then mailed.  It was printed in negative form since the writing was extremely difficult to read in it's normal form.  Below is a copy of the Enlistment Record.

As you can see, it is not the easiest document to read, but I believe I have seen worse as I'm sure you have as well in your research.  

This document gives me more insight into my Papa Bussey.  He entered service Sept 30th 1918 in Atlanta, Georgia.  He was born and lived his life in Atlanta. Under battles, engagements, expeditions: to the right is written none. But there is also written Mar 18  21 and Brouge.  I believe this may be bleed through from another document onto this one.  I know that my Papa was not in the military at that time.  

I love that his character is described as : Excellent.  
Remarks:  Inducted Sept 30th 1918 at Atlanta, Ga assd to 13th Depot Sig Franklin Contonment, ind 11/9/18  No AWOL on record  No (cannot read) 31/12or 45/14 {I'm assuming that these were some sort of rules, regs etc that he had not broken}  Service honest and faithful.  

Note written on the left side reads: Soldier entitled to travel pay from Camp Hancock, Ga to Atlanta, Ga place of induction. 

Here is his Discharge Paper and it is even more difficult to read. 

I'm not even going to guess on what it says.  I really want to know the reason for discharge but I cannot read it no matter how much I stare at it.  I see that he was in the Army from Sept 30, 1918 until Jan 20, 1919. He served just shy of 4 months. The war ended Nov. 1918 and that is likely why he was able to be released since he was drafted.  I don't know for sure.  As far as I can tell he did not have a disability at that time.  I do know that later he was blind in one eye, but I don't know how that came to be.  It's clear it wasn't the case for when he was younger though.  

Feel free to see if you can decipher what is written on the document.  

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