Monday, September 15, 2014

Could he be where my Italian DNA comes from?

Of course I was supposed to be researching military service by my direct ancestors, but somehow I got distracted by following some shaky leaves on my tree and ended up with what just might be an Italian ancestor!  What the huh?

I did the AncestryDNA test a while ago and it came back with 2% Italy/Greece.  I was really surprised to see that ethnicity pop up in my DNA.  I've been testing anyone that will let me in my family.  My daddy has a slight 1% and his father 1% but his mother has a whopping 8%.  It is on my Grandmother's side that I clicked my way back to find this possible Italian.  His name was Salvator Muscoe.

I used my DNA matches to search for the last name Muscoe and low and behold there are several matches to me that include this Salvator Muscoe.  The accepted story is that Salvato Muscoe was born in Italy and went to London to help build St. Peter's.  I, of course, have not fully documented this nor tried very hard verify the information.  If nothing else I am clearly related by DNA to other people related to this fella.

It is my understanding that Muscoe is not actually Italian, but likely an Anglicization of the name.

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