Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Careful with those shaky leaves!

I've been doing a lot of clicking and lookie looing at my online tree.  I've been tempted to just go crazy and add all the information I find in other peoples trees to mine and be all happy-go-lucky with all those ancestors.  I have to remind myself that accuracy is critical to being taken seriously with genealogy.  As much as I would love to just claim all of those exotic sounding ancestors, I can't just assume that they are correct.

I love this hobby and truly gain joy from finding connections to my ancestors and other descendants, I cannot bear to think that I'm connecting to the wrong person.  As a beginner, I did not understand the importance of paying attention to the details.  When you get carried away and excited it's easy to just start adding people willy nilly and ending up with a completely inaccurate and totally amateur tree.   I see them everyday when I'm clicking along.  Now, don't think I'm perfect, because I'm terrible at actually citing my sources and am slowly working through trying to fix that flaw in my tree.

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